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    Blade Beta Program The Blade Beta program ran for 10 weeks and the Beta PDF was downloaded by 969 gamers.
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    The Kickstarter The Kickstarter ran for 20 days and saw 166 gamers Pledge their finances towards the new version of Blade.
  • The B&W Text-Only PDF
    The B&W Text-Only PDF The B&W Text-only PDF of the new version of Blade was released in May.
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    Blade Books By the end of October we expect everyone to be able to buy the Blade books through DriveThruRPG.
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    Thank-you!! Without the financial assistance of our Backers it would not have been possible to produce the next version of Blade.

Blade of the Iron Throne

  • Combat
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Cinematic combat that convets the true sense of melee combat.Our combat system does away with the traditional wargaming-inspired "I go/You go" model. Instead combat is cinematic, following the character in the limelight.

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Sorcery inevitably corrupts the sorceror, both mind and body.Our sorcery system is neatly tied to the Swords and Sorcery genre, ensuring that all practitioners inevitably succumb to the Taint.

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Passion Attributes


Passion Attributes allow the player to tell their story through their character.Passion Attributes allow the players to tell the referee what it is about the scenario that interests them most. They represent what is uppermost in their character's thinking at that point in time.

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Scenario Material

Settings and Scenarios

Iron Throne Publishing products are geared player-driven story rather than the traditional referee-driven story. This has implications for setting creation and scenario creation that may not be obvious at first glance to referees more experienced with traditional, mainstream RPGs.

It also has implications for the products we create for use with Blade of the Iron Throne. If setting creation is a shared responsibility, when and how is it created?

If scenario stories are player-driven, how does the referee prepare material in advance of the game session? How much material is pre-prepared, how much is done on-the-fly?

When it comes to setting creation, Iron Throne Publishing products emphasize that less is more. The setting is not highly detailed - so that the players and referee are able to easily tailor and create aspects of the setting to their story.

When it comes to scenarios, Iron Throne Publishing products are tailored towards pre-generated player characters whose Passion Attributes are tightly linked to the scenario material.


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All Original
Tommaso Galmacci, Adam Schmidt, Scott Anderson, Maxine Cox, Matthew Cuenca, Robert Herzig, Ralph Horsley, Richard Luschek, Grace Palmer, and Tyson Wintibaugh have all produced artwork for Iron Throne Publishing. You will find many examples of their work across this website and in our products. In particular as the Character gallery develops you will find their work amongst the ready-to-play characters available for Blade of the Iron Throne.

Swords and Sorcery

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Content Aligned With Genre Tropes
All Iron Throne Publishing products are based around the Swords and Sorcery genre as created by the Golden Age authors. Authors such as Clark Ashton Smith, Manly Wade Wellman, Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, Catherine Lucille Moore, and Henry Kuttner.

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Michael Heider Michael Heider draws the very essence of Swords and Sorcery fiction with every breath he takes. He understands the pillars on which the genre is builts. He brings that understanding to every word he writes, every comment he makes for Iron Throne Publishing. Michael Heider - he's the taller, cuter one of the authors.
Phil Jones Phil Jones is an old school gamer, brought up on a diet of blue-book D&D and caffeine. Older and wiser now he has drawn on his many years of gaming experience - and a bottomless depth of knowledge of the genre - in his writings for Iron Throne Publishing. Phil Jones - he's the older, wiser one of the authors.

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